Why Industry Solutions?

Our philosophy is to offer our customers “off the shelf” software solutions specifically tailored to the industry in which they operate, there are significant benefits to customers implementing an industry solution rather than implementing a basic accounting or ERP solution that does not address the key functions that are required to support the companies operations, by implementing an industry solution you benefit by:

  • significantly faster implementation time

  • lower project and company risk

  • lower projects cost

  • More certainty

  • large ecosystem adding value to the solution – “future proof”

Qinisa represent some of the worlds leading industry software solutions:

  • LS Retail

  • Pebblestone Fashion

  • SI Foodware

Some useful information on our Dynamics industry solutions:

  • Partners who develop Dynamics industry solutions are called Independent Software Vendors [ISV]

  • All ISV industry solutions have to undergo certification by Microsoft’s CfMD program

  • ISV’s offer their industry solutions across many international countries

  • Qinisa only represents industry solutions that have the required pedigree in the global market

  • Well established, mature industry solutions benefit our customers as they tenure in market and are tried and tested

  • By using tried and tested industry solutions customers will lower their risk and reduce cost of large customisations

  • “Off the shelf solutions” offer our customers ready-to-use functionality bringing instant value

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