About Us

Our passion is to deliver successful business and technology solutions to mid-sized and corporate customers. The leadership team at Qinisa each has +20 years’ experience in successfully delivering ERP and CRM software solutions to Southern African customers. Our mission is to assist African businesses in their journey to digital transformation and help our clients to use technology as enabler to achieve business objectives and sustainability.


Our partners play a very important role in ensuring our success in the Southern African market. All our partners have contributed enormously to our success by developing and supporting highly competitive and affordable world class software solutions. Our Partners include some of the leading software companies such as Microsoft, LS Retail, SI Foodware [Schouw], e-Con, K3, Jet Reports, Netronic and To-Increase.


We are committed to the Microsoft Technology platform, our Microsoft software solutions are delivered and consumed either in the cloud or on premise; giving you the potential to transform your business and access computing on demand as required. Our software solutions support your cloud infrastructure, operations & financial management [ERP], building business relationships [CRM], office automation, data & analytics and mobility. We offer a range of proven vertical software solutions targeted at specific industries and productivity solutions to enhance the effectiveness of your staff.